11 Blogger SEO Tips I will Implement That Rank A Blog Post In 2020

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Blogger SEO On Google | How To Rank Your Blogspot post Highly Fast

This is Destined Boy – How to start and rank your blogger blog highly on Google.
You’ve been on a blogger platform for long.
Nothing seems to improve despite the number of posts been published.
For years, you wait for the gold(traffic) to come.
But the shadow of the gold(traffic) seems to sound like a man building his castle in the air.
Every day, you are on the search engine sorting for information on how to rank a blogger blog.
Still, no substantial results generated.
Shortly thereafter, all hope was gone.
I know definitely, studying the assumption or perspective of your mind right now, you will properly conclude that a blogger blog doesn’t rank on Google.
The majority(high percentage) of blogs that rank are WordPress platform, not blogger platform – based on your thinking.
But, I will likely say to you that some of the blogs you see on Google with custom domains are hosted on the blogger platform.
See, although some website owners typically prefer a blogger site because of no much of technical issues and headaches. Assuming, right now, I powered by blogger platform with a custom domain and a premium theme which I will later do, won’t you say it is a WordPress blog?

Let that sink out of your memory.

Statistically speaking, out of the top 10 websites that rank on Google, it is difficult to see the shadow of a blogger platform ranks among them – Based on what you think it is.
Like I earlier said above, you can’t easily differentiate a WordPress and a blogger platform when changed to a custom domain, not just that, with the favicon icon you can easily change the blogger logo to your most preferable logo if the appropriate dimension is well fixed.

how to change to favicon logo for blogger

Then, what makes you feel such a website isn’t powered by a blogger platform?
One of the reasons why most blogger platform seems not to have that ranking power is for the fact that they ignore the needful of On-page factors, to that, is very annoying not just to the visitors, but to search engines as well.
Say you find it difficult to understand a little bit of french and a french person approaches you, how will you retaliate or express yourself to such a person?
You may feel not to sound rude at first, but when persistent, you may want to bring out the giant in you.
But, does that show you lack little manner?NO!
It is because you can’t abide by the protocol.
This is the same way Google sees blog not doing the SEO On-page strategy. Let me give you a bitch of a hint.

Here is an example below.

This website below is powered by a blogger platform, which is own by Jide Ogunsanya a Tech blogger in Nigeria.

tech blog in nigeria

Hence, if truly you’re walking along with me on the same ride, you can easily sense the level of engagement in the above screenshot, in it, there are a lot of shares and comments.
This way, the blog has built a lot of momentum on the Google search engine.
Then, what else do you have to say about that?
If not for the fact that I say it to you, for that reason, you’ll have probably concluded it is a WordPress platform. Right?
Well, I am not here to entice you with nothing, not so, but to fasten your seat belt and make something out of nothing.
I was able to make something out of nothing that leads to Google Adsense approval.
In fact, if truly I had to go by the rules and protocols been said by some publishers why a blogger site without a custom domain won’t get an Adsense approval, I won’t have taken a big step to try.
If not that I undress their perspectives, with that, drive my passion which leads to a trial that made me get the approval, yet I will still get stink in with their perspectives, to that, why not give it another try?
Don’t just quit.
Well, let’s begin with the strategy on how to rank a blogger blog highly on Google one step at a time.

Optimize Your Blogger Blog Post For SEO

What happens when you have no other choice than to climb the high mountain before you?
Is it that you climb it at once?
Or you simply flew like a superman to get to the top?
Whatever way you wish to do it, what I know is, anything you ought to do that makes you get to the top of the mountain must undergo a process.
This simply applies to search engines, before your blogger blog ranks highly to the first page on the search engine result list page. It must have undergone a proper procedure before been given that opportunity ahead of others and the procedure can’t flourish without doing the On-page needful.

How to rank blogger blog on Google, follow these tricks and tips. 

  • Optimize your keyword 
  • Write SEO-friendly and in-depth blog post 
  • Write a well optimized title tag
  • Make your search description more actionable 
  • Don't avoid using H2 and H3 tag
  • Extract your keyword for image optimization 
  • Fix the keyword use into the permalink
  • Use keyword density 
  • Use label
  • Avoid duplicate content 
  • Is your blogger site mobile-friendly? 

STEP 1…………..Optimize Your Keyword For Your Blog Post

I simply made a vague not to make mention of this at first because it’s no secret anymore why it is much needed.
But just for the sake of the newbie bloggers, I decided to start with it.
One thing I must urge you to understand about keyword research is that it is the padlock opener, in it, the dictator of any content on the web.
Most importantly, without a keyword, every content on the web today will be meaningless and serve no value to the end-users, because of this, the structure of the content has no meaningful statement.
I’m glad and always glad to disseminate this information to the reader at the moment. A few ways you can get the best out of the keyword you want to rank highly for is to test run it with different marketing tools within your reach.
With this, you will have a better clue on the search intent of the end-users, what they seem hard to get about a topic, and what your competitors are up to.

To do so – Begin with the search engine.

Go to the search engine – type the keyword – click the search button.

Here is the search result below.

how to start a blog in nigeria

If you noticed what I did here, I didn’t extract a single keyword(blog), I decided to use phrases because of long-tail keywords are where you find your SEO opportunities.
Fast forward, Google shows relevant content related to the search term that makes me filter the result down from the number 1 spot to the number 10 spot.

how to blog in nigeria

Why I did the filtering like that was because I didn’t want to bother myself much about the subsequent pages, they seem to be irrelevant for now.
With the above thesis, I can begin a proper analysis of how to compile my keyword to resonate with the end user’s search intent.
Furthermore, I shifted my attention to the Google keyword planner for better insights into the keyword.
Navigate to the keyword planner – type how to make money. Click on the get ideas.
Here is the screenshot below.

google keyword research result

The free tools above show relevant metrics that need to know, such as, average monthly searches, competitor’s data, etc.
With that, it brings more insight into how relevant a keyword seems to be and the number of searches the keyword triggers on a monthly basis.
If the analysis above seems to be too soft for you, then head to ubbersuggest.

ubbersuggest search result

This free tool depicts more about the social shares, the backlinks needed to rank highly for a keyword on the organic search engine, and the chances of getting rank as well.

ubbersuggest backlinks result

After compiling relevant keywords for your blog post, then:

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STEP 2……………Write SEO-Friendly And In-Depth Blog Post

One thing you seem not to know here is that a well-optimized keyword ranks a blog post for several queries, in the same way, an SEO-Friendly and in-depth content ranks a keyword for a different search term.
When you published an article over 2000 words, you are not doing it for the search engines, but yourself.
A well-optimized and in-depth content has the ability to rank highly on organic search engines than simply low-budget content.
In fact, very informative content might seem not to have much more of backlinks before it climbs to the first page of Google.
Say I switch to the search engine result page, it is rare for me to see a written content about SEO to be less than 1000 words.
Although industry differs, not just that, content information also differs.
Here is an example below

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Supposing I typed a search query “how to install chrome extension” on the organic search engine. A post like this doesn’t need much in-depth information, but more of an illustration.
With that, you don’t simply have to gather over 1000 words before you can cluster a blog post together.
Because of this, the end-users are just after the instant information, not in-depth information.
On the other hand, most of the top 10 content you see on the search engines are over 1000 words.
So if you have been publishing a post below 1000 words, I kindly advise you to stop now and start writing a well-optimized and in-depth content.
That way, you will be able to compete with the WordPress blogs on SERP and avoid the pogo-sticking scenario.

STEP 3……………..Write A Well-Optimized Title Tag

If you look vividly to the illustration below, it is easy to denote how important it is to write a properly optimized title tag for your content.
Here is an example below.

blogspot title tag

The title tag ‘how to make money with Youtube‘ is just the phrases that combine with the cluster of the keyword use. The main keyword is ‘Youtube‘ but I personalized it to look more compelling to the audience for more click-through-rate on the search result list.
When writing a title tag for your blogger site, embed the keyword in the title tag of the content for more understanding of what the content entails.
STEP 4……………..Make Your Search-Description More Actionable And With Important Details
The search description entails expertise and specialty, with that, the content will be able to drive a lot of traffic to a site.
Well, the techniques I normally use sometimes is just to include a little description of what the post is all about and trigger it with a little curiosity.
Here is an example below.

With the description shown above, the end-users will be prompt to subscribe to the content with a higher click-through-rate on the search engine result lists.
That way, I don’t need much of backlinks to my post shoulder before getting ranks to the first page.
With the click-through-rate metrics, it shows to Google how end-users seem to love the content which makes the search engine give a higher value, preference, and relevancy to my blog post.
STEP 5…………Don’t Avoid Using The H2 And H3 Tag When Writing A Blog Post
This time, after this step, don’t repeat the mistakes of not using these H tags in the cluster of your content.
It is an important metrics Google doesn’t joke with but you may seem not to know.
The H tags depict more surveys into the keyword cluster.

blogspot headline 2 and 3

Most importantly, the headline 2 or sometimes 3 must reflect the keyword you seem to rank highly for on the organic search engine, with that, it brings more understanding of what your content is all about.
Not just that, it fetches more readability scores and makes the end-user experience simple and scalable.
And that’s what Google seems to love.
Step 6……………Extract Your Keyword For Image Optimization
When optimizing the image of content it helps to aid more visibility of the content on the organic search engine.
And since a blogger site doesn’t seem to have Yoast Seo plug-in for a proper SEO practice, due to that, even though we can’t be 100% perfect, but we can still be 75% perfect in our SEO practices.
When you click on the upload picture icon – right click on the picture uploaded. Click the properties tab – extract the keyword in the alt tag and describe the picture in the title tab.
Let your keyword reflect there.

Here is an example below.

blogspot alt tag optimization

Step 7………..Fix The Keyword use to the Permalinks
This works similarly to slug in the WordPress blog.
What I usually do here is, I maximize the permalinks to resonate with search engine interest, which makes me back off from the automatic section to the custom approach.
All I just needed to do is to make proper arrangements on how I want my URL to look like on organic search engines.
Here is an example

Instead of looking unprofessional.
Well, it is better to use the custom permalink to make it more professional.
Step 8………..Use Keyword Density
This nearly skips my mind, I almost forget. The keyword density must be found in your content.
Here is an example:

neil patel blog keyword density checker

I used Neil Patel's blog above as an example by clicking the control F to check.

In order to avoid keyword stuffing, for every 1000 words, the keyword should appear at least 15 times.
That ratio is okay for every 1000 words.
Step 9…………..Use Label
A label is more similar to a tag in the WordPress blog.
All you need to do here is to write what section does the content falls to.
For example, ‘How to start a blog in Nigeria’, the section that it falls to is ‘SEO’.

Keep it simple.
Step 10…………….Avoid Duplicate Content
Duplicate content is when you have two identical or similar pages with the same context.
Here is an example below by MOZ.

With that, it diminishes the ranking power and ability of a page to get rank on the organic search engine.

And if a proper measure is not taken care of, it splits the link authority, link equity, and de-index of a site on the organic search engine.
To check, Type site:yourname.com.
Here is an example below.

If the content shown above is more than the content published, then there are duplicate pages.
To avoid that because of future propaganda.

Navigate to the setting tab – search preferences – click the custom robot header tab.

blogspot duplicate content

The way the illustration is been shown above should be the same way you mark it on your blogger site.
If not, it may lead to the de-index of your site.
Step 11………Is your blogger site Mobile-Friendly?
Since most searches are emanated from mobile devices. It is better to optimize your site for mobile users.
To do so – type a mobile-friendly test tool on the search engine. Click the fetch result.
Here is an example below.

mobile friendly tool tester

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I plead with you to bring out the best in you and the world will resonate with it.
Also, the page speed of your blogger blog makes an impact on your ranking metrics. Let it load fast in the quickest manner.

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I wish you the best of luck.

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